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4 Ways Gym Owners Can Improve Customer Satisfaction

Amid the new normal, people are spending more time at home. Many gym lovers spent money on workout equipment and subscriptions during the peak of the pandemic to keep on track. Some have returned to the gym, but a lot of people are choosing to continue working out from home. If a gym is not actively working to keep and gain more members during these challenges, they will face broad implications. Already, some small gyms have had to close their doors for good.

Reflect on your Needs

Before working to improve customer satisfaction it is crucial to understand what your gym offers, who your audience is, the diversity in your staff, and what other gyms in the area are doing to stand out. Why would someone looking for a gym choose yours over another? Focus on understanding what you have before trying to come up with what you need.

Work on the Atmosphere

The environment that a gym creates can make or break the facility. Each gym may advertise their atmosphere as something unique, but there are a few areas that should be the same across the board. Safety must be a priority. A few basic security measures will help members to feel secure. Have a designated space for members to lock up personal belongings and change or shower. A member should never feel uncomfortable in your gym. From the moment a member steps foot inside they should feel like they belong there. It is important to train your staff, regardless of their position, to be friendly and helpful. If your staff is able to notice body language and signs that someone is uncomfortable or confused, there is a much greater chance that they can help those customers to get back on track and feel more confident in their workout. If a member feels good in your gym, they are more likely to come back and truly progress.

Offer Unique Amenities

Options for personal training or group exercise is a terrific way to build community and improve overall gym experience. Introductory classes for beginners and new members could help to ensure your equipment is being used properly and gives your staff the chance to meet and talk with each new face. If your team can learn a bit about why someone has joined or what their goals are there is more opportunity to collect data and align the amenities and marketing strategies with what your audience needs.


Equipment is the most important aspect of a gym. You can offer all of the gimmicks, bells and whistles but if your equipment is in poor shape your members will be left disappointed. Upgrading and maintaining equipment on a regular basis will help to retain current customers and attract new ones. Rips, chips and wearing on surfaces can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Keeping these blemishes at bay is important in any fitness center. Not only will proper maintenance of the equipment keep them looking nice but this will also extend the life of the equipment, reduce the spread of germs, and overall improve member satisfaction. Give Surface Repair Services a call today at (515) 276-5453 to meet all your fitness parts repair needs.