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Benefits of Hotel Furniture Repair

More places are reopening, and people are beginning to feel more comfortable with travel again. This is fantastic news for anyone working in the hotel industry because, as you know, a majority of them will need somewhere to stay.

We all know when customers are searching for a hotel to stay at, they typically look at two things: Ratings and Pictures. Now, some people want to know if breakfast is included or if there’s a stocked mini-fridge, but the most important factors that affect their decisions are reviews and images. Why is that? As you know, first impressions are everything. You can give off a first impression to someone who doesn’t even know you. Similarly, your hotel gives off an impression both to customers walking in and through images online. Because you want to make a great impression, it’s important to keep your furnishings and surfaces looking clean, new and beautiful.

Cost Effective

It’s not an easy task to completely swap out your furniture and replace it all with brand new, expensive items. A more cost-effective choice is to repair or change the look of your existing furniture. Not only does it save you money, but it also takes away that eight-month waiting period for your new items to ship. With this option, you can achieve the look you’re going for while saving time and money.

Upgrade to a New Style

With interior design styles changing what seems like every week, reupholstering your hotel furniture is an excellent method to keep up with current trends without having to replace everything. This decision allows you to reach that “brand new” look without breaking the bank. It also provides the option to upgrade your furniture to a different look if your style has changed. With over thousands of colors and materials to choose from, the options are endless! Not only will you be glad you saved money, but you can bring new life to an older piece of furniture that you might not be ready to quit on.

Maintain the Character of Existing Furniture

Even if you don’t want to change the look of your furniture, one of the biggest benefits of restoring your existing items is that you can keep their original character. No matter what style you want to preserve, Surface Repair Services can maintain the character of these charming pieces that you love. From a rip in a headboard to couch cushions that are completely falling apart, and everything in between, Surface Repair Services can help you sustain the quality look you want and deserve!

We’ll Come to You!

If you want to extend the life of your hotel furniture, create a more inviting environment, and make a lasting impression on your guests, reach out to us today. Because we are a completely mobile business, we will come to you! Our technicians are fully trained and equipped to handle the job at your location. Give us a call at (515) 276-5453 or request an estimate today.