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Salon & Spa Surface Repair

Latest News, Maintenance, Refinishing, Reupholstering | November 30, 2021

Other than the quality of service, most people focus on their overall experience. For a salon, this means that upkeep is vital to bringing in new clients and maintaining good relationships with current clientele. A clean salon or spa is the standard, not the exception. In this industry, the importance... 

Ripped car leather seat repair



Repair or Replace? The Value of Vehicle Upholstery Repair

Latest News | November 15, 2021
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First Impressions Are Everything When it comes to getting top value for resale vehicles, appearance makes a difference. As the saying goes: It’s what’s on the inside that matters. Although exterior appearances are important, interior appearances are equally as influential when deciding to purchase a... 



Create a Strong First Impression

Latest News, Maintenance, Refinishing, Reupholstering | October 29, 2021

When a client, customer, or potential business partner walks into your space, you want them to be impressed, right? First impressions often linger and influence a lasting idea of your company. The last thing you would want is to look unkept and untidy. Surface Repair Service helps you to make the best... 



The Key to Doors and Windows

Latest News, Vinyl Window & Door Repair | October 15, 2021

The Key to Doors and Windows The gateway to a home is a door and is what is first approached at a home. When relaxing, the spectacular views that windows provide can be admired. As years pass, these necessary features of a home start to wear down, and their essential purposes can reduce function. They... 



Benefits of Hotel Furniture Repair

Latest News, Refinishing, Reupholstering | September 30, 2021

More places are reopening, and people are beginning to feel more comfortable with travel again. This is fantastic news for anyone working in the hotel industry because, as you know, a majority of them will need somewhere to stay. We all know when customers are searching for a hotel to stay at, they typically...