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Door Frame Repair

There are many reasons why you may need to replace a door frame. Maybe you’ve just moved to a new home where the doors have seen better days, or maybe your current home needs a few touchups. Whatever the reason, homeowners are likely to experience this issue at some point in their lifetime. Water exposure, age or forced entry can cause damage to the door frame which leads to the door functioning improperly. Depending on the job, repairing a door frame can be a simple fix or can require professional handiwork.

Quick Fix

A binding door is one of the issues that can be a quick fix. When a door in your home no longer moves freely, it is considered a binding door. That might mean that the door is tough — or impossible — to open and close firmly. If you have a binding door you can install a special shim under the top or bottom hinge. Ultimately, you want the door edge to hang truly vertical. Also check to make sure the issue is not being caused by built-up paint. In this case, the paint needs to be cleaned out.

Repair or Replace?

Older door frames are sometimes not easily fixed with shims and need a more complex tactic. If your door frame is wood, it is possible that it has warped over time leaving it to bind or swing open on its own. If this is the case, it might be a good idea to simply purchase and install a new door frame instead of repairing the old one. However, if your door frame is vinyl there is an easier and more cost-effective option for you. Working with a professional, like Surface Repair, to repair or refinish your damaged vinyl door can often save you money. Replacement of vinyl doors can cost you thousands of dollars, and a professional may be able to fix your existing door/door frame for a fraction of the cost.

Door Frames and Foundation

Take a look at all the doors and windows in your house. If only one or two of your doors is misaligned, a repair will most likely fix your problem. However, sometimes a sign of an unstable foundation can be many doors and windows that bind or stick in a home. If you do notice many misaligned windows or doors you need to contact a professional for an inspection.


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