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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Does a Surface Repair Service Franchise Do?

Surface Repair Service franchises provide low-cost solutions to customers interested in repairing, refinishing or remodeling surfaces such as leather booths, chairs, medical office furniture, bathroom tub, countertops, kitchens, and vinyl windows. From repairing small chips, cracks or burns to complete reglazing or tear out; Surface Repair Service has the options and price points to satisfy any customer and budget.

How are we different from the competition?

Surface Repair Service is among the largest surface repair and refinishing franchise provider in North America. Our primary difference from the competition is that our franchise locations are trained to provide top-notch service and so much more! In addition, we train our franchisees how to complete a multitude of different surface repair and refinish services so you don’t have to rely on only one service for your source of income.

What are the Cash Liquidity Requirements?

Our ideal franchisee will have cash liquidity of $25,000 with stable credit history. In addition, it is desirable to be able to fund expenses while building the business.

How much money can I make?

This is the top question everyone wants to know before starting a business. Unfortunately, it is also a question we cannot answer for you.

Due to the number of factors that go into any businesses success and profitability, there isn’t a way to predict an exact amount. What we can guarantee is that you will be provided all of the tools and training necessary to operate a successful Surface Repair Service franchise. However, what you do with those tools and training and the ultimate potential is dependent on you!

As a franchise, our disclosures in regard to revealing financial information is regulated. Our FDD does contain information in Item 19 which provides results and averages of our existing franchises from the previous fiscal year. Though this information still cannot tell you how much money YOU can make as a Surface Repair Service franchise, it might assist you in making a decision.

How can I be more successful in franchising versus opening my own business?

Opening a franchise has many benefits over starting your own business. You will become a part of an established brand that is recognized by many individuals and national companies. You will have an exceptional operating system that is used across the brand. This will allow you to compare sales and help decipher what you need to be doing to experience equal business growth. With more than 20 years of business knowledge and intelligence, we can help you in all areas of the business. Having comparable data can assist you in calculating the correct benchmarks and allow you to manage the expenses for your franchise location.

What is included in the Start-Up Package?

The entire value of your initial Franchise Fee is provided to you as part of your start-up materials and equipment!

These items include:

  • All tools and Equipment
  • Branding package including vehicle wrap
  • Material and Supplies
  • Uniforms for staff members
  • Website
  • Local marketing

Professional repair for bathtub, shower, vinyl window/door frames & commercial upholstery.

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