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Repairs for Home Sellers and Investors that Make a Difference

When selling, flipping or investing in a home there are some home repairs that weigh more heavily to impress a potential buyer. To help the home sell for the maximum value it is worth a seller will want to choose their repairs and renovations strategically. Repairs save time, money and can often be a key deciding factor for a buyer. Surface Repair can fix the damages to almost any surface, rather than replacing altogether. Here are some easy repairs that will make the most impact.


The kitchen is one of the most expensive areas of a home to remodel. The surface that gets the most use, is the countertops. Countertops with damage from cuts, burns, moisture damage, or chipping are a red flag to a homebuyer. Even laminate counters can be repaired rather than resurfacing the entire area.

Bathtubs and Showers

One of the most important surfaces to keep maintained is anything around water. When cracks are seen in a shower or tub a homebuyer or inspector will be nervous about possible water damage. Unfortunately, cracks are quite common in a fiberglass tub. The good news? Many of these repairs are quick and can prevent damage or further damage to the surrounding structures.

Vinyl Windows & Door Frames

Replacing vinyl windows and doors can cost thousands, but often the issues can be addressed with professional repairs. Not only will it look like new again, but it will also provide a stronger insulation seal saving you on electricity bills.


Cracks, chips, tears, and missing pieces in flooring can be a safety hazard as well as a major eyesore. These kinds of damage can negatively impact rental rates or what a home buyer will be willing to pay for an otherwise great home. Repairs to flooring before showing a home will clear any of these issues up before they arise and can often be done without having to rip up the current flooring.

Surface Repair Service

The key to picking which repairs need to be done is to know what is most important to buyers. One of the biggest mistakes a seller can make is assuming to know what a buyer will want and spending money on something that will just get replaced anyways. A fresh neutral coat of paint and some repairs on existing surfaces can make all the difference in the world when marketing your home. Have questions about one of your surfaces that needs to be repaired? Give us a call at, (515)276-5453.