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Restaurant Upholstery Repair: Save Costs by Repairing, Not Replacing

Being in the restaurant and hospitality business, you only get a few minutes to make a good first impression. So, the last thing you want are old, torn, or worn-out booths and seating. It reflects poorly on your restaurant, negatively impacts the customer experience, and can really deter customers from returning to your establishment. Every restaurant owner and manager know, it’s normal for upholstery seating to fade, tear, and develop scratches. Especially in those sunny corners and high traffic areas. However, replacing these old seats can be very costly, especially if more than one seat is damaged. Fear not though, for there is a cost-effective solution to your problem, that does not involve purchasing all new seating.

The Cost-Effective Solution

Replacing or repairing your damaged upholstery is likely a solution you’ve thought of. However, replacing a single booth or an entire seating area can be very costly and DIY repair kits aren’t always effective. But have you ever thought about outsourcing the repairs? Many restaurants have begun to partner with companies that repair and restore damaged vinyl and leather surfaces. These companies can save your business hundreds or thousands of dollars in replacement costs depending on the size of your restaurant. These repair companies can be called for a one-time reupholster job, or they can be contracted. Meaning you pay them a certain amount per year, and they will come whenever you have a rip or tear in your booth. Other benefits of finding a repair company are:

  • Cost efficiency
  • Waste reduction
  • Exact vinyl and leather color match
  • Long-lasting repairs
  • Build a reliable relationship for future repairs

Savings for Big Chains

If you are a big chain restaurant, contracting a professional restoration company is a must. With multiple locations and units per restaurant, the saving can compile quickly. Utilizing a repair and restoration company will provide consistent and high-quality repairs. These knowledgeable companies can make repair recommendations and serve as a one-stop-shop for handling all your dining room repairs.

Overall, in a world that relies heavily on first impressions, the appearance of your restaurant is key to your success. Having a well maintained and comfortable dining room is very important in fostering long term, loyal customers. So, if your booths, chairs, and other vinyl/leather surfaces are in need of a refresh, you should consider calling a repair and restoration professional, such as Surface Repair Service. They will provide high-quality, convenient, and timely service all while saving you valuable money.

Surface Repair Services handles everything from repairing small rips and tears to complete booth rebuilds and recovery. Their technicians will work around your busy schedule to make sure you are never out of seating. Call Surface Repair Service today at 515-276-5453.