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Salon & Spa Surface Repair

Other than the quality of service, most people focus on their overall experience. For a salon, this means that upkeep is vital to bringing in new clients and maintaining good relationships with current clientele. A clean salon or spa is the standard, not the exception. In this industry, the importance of atmosphere and hygiene practices is huge because it is one of the first things that people will notice when they walk through the doors. Of course there are regulations in place to help keep clients and staff safe, and one of the ways you can go above and beyond in your salon is to ensure all equipment exceed the highest standards as well by keeping them well maintained along with your other daily tools and products.

Prevent Cross-Contamination

Salon chairs and other surfaces are typically made from either PVC or vinyl. These are popular because they are pretty easy to keep clean. The acceptation is when these materials start to wear down, rip, chip, or crack. These small blemishes may not seem like a big deal, but if gone unnoticed, are the best places for bacteria to live. By repairing small damages now, you remove the possibility of germs manifesting in those areas. Not only will it be safer, it will look nicer and feel more comfortable.

Repair or Replace Damaged Surfaces

If damages are too far gone, it may be time to replace the objects all together. This is costly, especially if you have to settle on materials that will not match the rest of your existing furniture and aesthetic. Sometimes it must be done, but this can be prevented by repairing issues as they arise instead of waiting for it to be a bigger problem.

Ace your First Impression

For any company that provides goods and services in house, impressions can make or break you. We have all seen the duct tape trick in those upholstered booths at a restaurant and no one wants to be the one sitting on a stiff scratchy piece of bubbled up tape. These sort of details can stick with a person. Usually those huge rips and cracks don’t happen overnight and could have been fixed earlier on to prevent the eyesore and uncomfortable experience.

Keep it Comfortable

Not only will implementing a repair or replacement routine help to keep your spa attractive, but establishing good maintenance practices will also create a safer place for you and all of your clients. It is every company’s goal to create a great service and comfortable environment for all. Having these standards of excellence can many times transfer into the spirit and work of your employees as well.

If you have some surfaces that you think need repaired, reupholstered or replaced, contact us or give us a call at (515) 276-5453 and we will share our expertise on the best solution.