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Repair or Replace? The Value of Vehicle Upholstery Repair

Repair or Replace? The Value of Vehicle Upholstery Repair

First Impressions Are Everything

When it comes to getting top value for resale vehicles, appearance makes a difference. As the saying goes: It’s what’s on the inside that matters. Although exterior appearances are important, interior appearances are equally as influential when deciding to purchase a car. Even the tiniest rip, tear, or hole in a seat can depreciate the vehicle’s worth significantly.  One thing we know for sure is that people want to get the most value for their dollar, and worn-down vehicle upholstery simply will not get the job done. It’s true that you only get one chance to make a first impression, so why not make it a positive one?

Vehicle Seat Repair

Leather seats are a luxury to have, but not if they’re worn down from being parked in the sun for years. Having leather seats can bump the resale value of any car, as long as the leather is in pristine condition. A newly reupholstered interior has a greater chance of impressing a potential buyer than a vehicle with ripped and faded car seats. Surface Repair Service technicians can perform a wide range of repairs while providing a high-quality, reliable leather or vinyl seat repair. 

Price & Quality

We know that one of the main reasons people purchase used cars as opposed to new cars is to save money. Although saving money is the goal, people don’t want to forfeit quality for price. A great price shouldn’t signify low quality. With our auto upholstery repair, you’ll save money allowing your customers to get the car of their dreams without the overly expensive price tag. It pays to repair instead of replace!

On-Site Mobile Repair Service

Our On-Site Mobile Repair service means exactly what it says. We’ll come to you. Our technicians will walk your inventory and record and price all  needed. We handle everything from repairing small rips and tears to complete upholstery rebuilds and recovery. Our technicians will work around your busy schedule to make sure your vehicles are in the best shape.

Best of Both Worlds

Along with your customers, you will also save money by restoring your vehicle seats instead of completely replacing them. It’s a win-win situation. You won’t have to sell a car with signs of wear and tear, meanwhile your buyers will save money on a used car that’s looks and feels like new. If you’re looking to take that next step to start investing in your business, let us help you with all your vehicle upholstery repair needs! To take advantage of Surface Repair Service’s car upholstery repair expertise or to learn more about our repair services, contact us or call our office at 515. 276.5453