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Benefits to Bathtub Refinishing

Benefits to Bathtub Refinishing

What is Bathtub Refinishing?

Bathtub refinishing, like it sounds, is the process of restoring a damaged or outdated bathtub’s surface to a better-looking and more efficient surface. There are many interchangeable terms for bathtub refinishing such as bathtub reglazing, bathtub resurfacing, or bathtub re-enameling. Before you decide whether to replace your tub, consider the benefits of a simple refinishing.

bathtub refinishing


Keep Costs at a Minimum

One of the main benefits of refinishing your tub’s surface is the amount of money you will save as opposed to if you were to purchase a brand-new bathtub. As you probably know, a new tub isn’t cheap and, depending on your taste and style, can range anywhere from $750 to around $10,000. This process can add 15 to 20 years to the lifespan of your products.


Save Time

Another important factor to consider is the amount of time it takes to remove an old tub and the delivery time of a new one as opposed to the time it takes to refinish the bathtub you already have. A bathtub resurfacing project is typically finished within a few hours. Replacing a tub, however, can take days or even weeks.


The Options Are (Almost) Endless

When it comes to refinishing your bathtub, another perk is being able to change the look of your tub with different color options. Your current bathtub’s color or texture can be changed. For instance, switch out your old-fashioned dark tub to a more modern, bright finish, or switch to a color and texture that compliments the color scheme of your home. Resurfacing can help provide an updated look and feel to your bathroom without the price tag.

bathtub refinishing


When to Refinish instead of Replace

Now that you know some of the benefits to refinishing, how do you tell when it’s best to refinish rather than replace? Not all bathtub situations can be resolved with a simple refinish, but many can be. Damage that can be fixed with refinishing includes:

  • Chips
  • Peeling
  • Holes
  • Discoloration
  • Cracks


If you are ready to refinish your bathtub, let our experienced technicians help make the process as easy as possible for you. With 20 years of experience in the surface repair and refinishing industry, we have the knowledge and skills to not only get the job done, but also get it done right! Contact us today.

Take a moment and imagine. You’re just getting home from a long and exhausting day of work and all you want to do is slip into your tub for a warm, soothing bath. As you’re soaking and relaxing you notice a crack and then another one and all of a sudden, your perfect oasis begins to crumble around you (literally). And you realize your bathtub needs some TLC.

After a quick search on the web you begin to wonder: Should you refinish it? Resurface it? Reglaze it? Replace it? Buy a kit? And what exactly do all these different options mean? Here are the top ways to renovate your bathtub to help you choose which option is right for you.

Replace it.

Naturally, the most costly and time-consuming option is to replace it. Replacing a bathtub means your bathroom is going to become a construction zone. The tile needs to be removed, drywall needs to be torn out, fixtures need to be replaced, and the plumbing needs to be updated. You can hire a contractor or do it yourself if you have the skills. Doing it yourself will save some money, but it’s recommended to hire someone who is an expert in bathtub replacements. The wonderful part about installing a new bathtub is you have complete design freedom. You get to choose the style, size, shape, and location. You will get to totally remodel and customize your bathroom.

Is this the best option for you?

If you have a cracked bathtub that is beyond repair or you are just looking for an entirely new design scheme in your bathroom, then replacing your bathtub may be the option for you. The largest downfall of a full replacement is the cost and time commitment.

*The price range to purchase and install a new bathtub is $1,219 to $6,255 according to homeadvisor.com.

Bathtub Reglazing, Refinishing & Resurfacing.

The truth is reglaze, refinish, and resurface essentially all mean the same thing and are often used interchangeably. Bathtub refinishing is a process that involves repairing the existing tub. Cracks are filled, the tub is sanded down, and then coated with layers of primer and paint. This process, if done properly, will make your bathtub look brand new. It can restore worn, grimy, chipped, and dated bathtubs. The best part about tub resurfacing is it is the most cost-effective option and only takes a few hours to complete.

Now you may have noticed there are DIY kits for tub reglazing and filling cracks, but it’s best to contract a professional for this work. These kits do not use the same technology and formulas as professional’s use. Plus, the likelihood you are able to match the color of a kit with the color of your tub is minimal. These products may temporarily fix your bathtub issues, but they will degrade long term and be less durable than hiring a contractor.

Is this the right option for you?

If your tub has good bones, but it is just in need of a face-lift then you should consider refinishing your tub. Tub refinishing will allow you to update the look and color of your bathtub without breaking the bank. If you opt for refinishing your porcelain, acrylic, or fiberglass tub, you should call the experts at Surface Repair Services. We offer free estimates and on-site repair services.

*The price range to repair a bathtub is $330 to $602 according to homeadvisor.com.

Bathtub Liners.

Bath liners are an acrylic replica of your existing bathtub that are laid directly over the top of your current tub. A liner won’t change the style of your tub, but they do come in a variety of colors. A tub liner costs less than a full tub replacement, however, they are still considerably more expensive than refinishing. Installation typically only takes a day but a consultation and ordering your liner could take several weeks.

Is this option right for you?

If reglazing your tub just won’t cut it, then a tub liner may be your best option. It is the middle of the road option in terms of cost, and the finished product will last for years. Before beginning, you should do some research to be sure you choose a contractor who is an expert in bathtub liners. A mistake during the installation process could lead to some serious water damage in the future.

*Bath liners cost about $1,700 to $2,500 to purchase and install according to homeguide.com.

So, now that you are well versed in the basics of bathtub repair options, you will be able to decide which option best fits your needs and budget. Then you can get back to relaxing in the tub.