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Countertop Repair for Property Managers

Countertop Repair for Property Managers

In any residence the countertops are often one of the most used surfaces. Your countertops in each of your rental units are likely to double as a cutting board, to prepare food, storage for kitchen appliances, a potholder for hot pans and so much more. To keep your units looking great and to increase the value, repairing the damage to your laminate, stone, or other solid-surface material countertops are essential.

Cuts & Chips

Counter damage repair for knife cuts can be found most noticeably on laminate surfaces and could lead to irreparable damage. Chips most commonly occur along the edges of your countertops. Without repair, these small chips will continue to wear away and get larger. These common countertop damages can be very dangerous as well if not taken care of, as a lot of these surfaces are quite sharp and can-do serious damage to someone if their skin encounters a piercing corner or rough edge.

Fissures & Cracks

When dealing with natural stone countertops you may notice little cracks in the slab. A crack can harm the structural integrity of your countertops and should be repaired as soon as possible. They also harbor bacteria and other contaminants. On the other hand, a fissure may look like a crack but is a feature of the stone and usually does not need repaired. In some instances, larger fissures can develop into cracks. A professional should be able to tell if your counter needs to be repaired, replaced, or if there is something that can be done to support a fissure to ensure that it does not develop into a crack if it’s in a location of high stress.


If your counter is stained and cleaning solutions aren’t doing the job, it may need repaired. Depending on the material of your counter there may be a way to remove the stain without replacing the entire slab. Oil and grease can wear your countertop down. Stains on your counter usually become most noticeable around stoves and sinks where most of the heavy cooking and prep work is done. This is especially tricky on marble, quartz and other natural stones because they are not usually sealed when installed to avoid discoloration. A surface expert can restore the color of your stone with several effective repair techniques depending on the job.


Another common repair we do for property managers is for countertop burn marks. Hot pans can burn a ring into the surface of a counter and bubble up causing peeling and chipping. Gone untouched, burns in a countertop can spread and cause a large sections of the surface to need replaced.

How We Can Help

Our surface repair experts are about to assess damage and repair them with the most efficient methods based on the material we are working with. Call us to see how we can help with your surface repairs and replacements at (515)276-5453 or contact us online.