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Apartment Property Repairs

Apartment Property Repairs

Luxury Feel Without the Price Tag

Over time, renters have heightened their standards of living. It’s no secret everyone wants to get the best service, product, or, in this case, apartment for the lowest price. When looking for a place to call home, tenants evaluate factors like safety, cleanliness, and reliability. With Surface Repair Service, you can live up to your customers’ expectations and high standards. 

We are your one-stop shop for all things needing repaired or reupholstered, and we believe it shouldn’t cost you a fortune to provide the best quality to your customers. Repairing the furniture, surfaces, windows and doors in your apartment building will save you money, allowing more opportunities for your renters to save as well.

Our Services:

Furniture Repair:

Your apartment lobby sees a lot of foot traffic, and even if your business is new, accidents happen. Whether it’s a tear in your lobby accent chairs, a hole in your patio and pool furniture, a rip in your fitness center equipment, or you’re simply just wanting a new look, we have the tools and expertise to bring just about anything back to life!


Bathroom Repair:

Years of use and accidental mishaps can lead to cracks and holes in your bathtub/showers over time. Areas around drain and faucet surfaces can begin to erode, rust and damage, causing even bigger issues if not taken care of. 

Bathroom repair


Kitchen Repair:

The kitchen is typically the area in a home where people spend most of their time. From eating and drinking to conversing with guests, this seems to be the heart of a home. The same is true for apartments, especially ones with less square feet. Wear and tear in kitchens is expected, but that doesn’t mean your tenants need to live with it. Dents in fridges, and dishwashers, laminate countertop burns<, and cracked countertops are all necessary fixes that will elevate the look and feel of any kitchen.  

Tile Floor Repair:

Let’s talk about tile. Tile floors are everywhere. With movers carrying furniture in and out of apartments on what seems like a daily basis, scratches and holes are common. Although common, they are nothing to worry about and, with the right tools, can be an easy fix!

tile repairtile hole


Door and Window Repair:

Doors and windows provide your renters with security and protection from outside elements and should be near the top of the repair list. Although weather conditions are out of our control, the effects of hail, cold temperatures, and harsh winds can create issues for elements such as doors and vinyl windows. Unit door frames, sliding glass doors, and windowsills also take a hit from tenants and from simply aging over time. Surface Repair Service is here for you! We offer services to meet all your door and window repair needs.

door and window repair

Whether your lobby furniture needs reupholstered, or your apartment units need repaired, our experienced technicians will work around your busy schedule to provide top-notch, quality services. Check out some of our past work here

Gym Equipment Repair

As people get back to their normal routines after the pandemic, fitness centers are seeing an increase in new and returning members who were not able to go to the gym during the pandemic. Although attracting visitors back to the gym is very beneficial, having tattered, worn-out equipment is not. Exercise equipment that is torn, cracked, or ripped tends to have a shorter lifespan, poses health risks, and reduces member satisfaction. 

Extend the Life of Your Equipment

Upkeep is necessary to extend the life of most things, including your gym benches, seats, and equipment. Even the smallest of tears can become massive problems if they aren’t dealt with accordingly. As stated by RunRepeat, 49.9% of Americans visit the gym at least twice a week. There’s no denying it: rips and tears are unavoidable, and that’s why we’re here to help.

Fitness equipment repair is an easy, inexpensive alternative to replacing your equipment. Instead of weight bench pad replacements that can become expensive, get your money’s worth out of the equipment you already own. No matter the type of fitness equipment servicing you need, we will make your items look and feel brand new. Whether it’s an exercise bike repair, seat repair, or weight bench repair, we can restore and upholster it all… and much more!

Health Risks

Not only are tears and cracks unattractive, but they can also pose a health risk to your customers. In addition to being professional and appealing, proper upkeep is also an effective way to reduce the risk of infections and viruses. Unfortunately, an issue that all gyms deal with is bacteria, especially bacteria found hiding in the rips and tears of damaged equipment.  Fixing your damaged material with our upholstery repair service can eliminate this issue.

Improve Member Satisfaction

For most companies, member satisfaction is a top priority. If your workout equipment is cracked and torn, it can give the wrong impression to your members.  By repairing equipment in poor condition, we can help you recreate that environment where your members feel safe, welcome, and satisfied. 

Our job is to heal even the tiniest cracks, so they don’t develop into anything more serious. Upkeep and repairs are especially important to ensure that all equipment lasts longer and performs correctly. Because our technicians are fully trained and equipped to handle exercise equipment repair on-site, you can rest assured that your machines and equipment will be back and fully operating in no time.

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If you’ve invested in a gym, regular repair and maintenance will help you and your customers get the most out of your equipment. Give Surface Repair Services a call today at (515) 276-5453 to meet all your fitness parts repair needs.