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Is Your Patio Furniture Ready for Fall?

Is Your Patio Furniture Ready for Fall?

Fall is quickly approaching, which means good weather, football games, and spending the majority of your evenings outside on your patio furniture. Who doesn’t enjoy time around a fire pit with friends and family? After time (and a cookout or two), your furniture is bound to age and tear, and we know the last thing you want is for your guests to have to sit on ripped seating. Perhaps you’re a business owner who doesn’t want your customers to use your torn outdoor seating and lounge areas. Either way, before fall is here, make sure your furniture is repaired and in great shape!

Types of Repairs You Might Need:

Hot tubs, like patio furniture, are subject to wear and tear over time. Whether you need to restore your outdoor couch, loveseat, chair, barstool, or hot tub, we will provide the necessary repairs to make them feel brand new. From patio chair fabric replacement to spa and barstool restoration and everything in between, our technicians will work around your schedule to make sure you are satisfied. We will fix basically anything that has a surface and needs repaired or recovered.

Repairs vs Replacements:

Restoring or repairing your furniture is the practical, low-cost alternative to replacing your items entirely. This allows you to get the most of your existing furniture while also upgrading the style and feel.

Choosing to repair your seating has many benefits: 

  • Adds years to the life of your furniture
  • Cheaper than completely replacing everything
  • Updates the look and color
  • You’ll save time and avoid the mess of a complete replacement

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Make this fall one to remember. If you want to restore your furniture for your guests, customers, or you simply want to feel comfortable on your own patio, reach out to us We want you to enjoy your time outside without any worries. Call Surface Repair Service today at 515.276.5453 for any and all of your outdoor furniture and hot tub repairs.