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Getting Your Watercraft Ready for Boating Season

Getting Your Watercraft Ready for Boating Season

Spending time on a boat or other watercraft is going to be a great way for friends and family to spend time together this summer. Let us help you – and your customers – get your boats, pontoons or jet skis ready for the water. Whether items have been stored in a shed or covered at the marina, following these important maintenance steps will ensure a smoother transition into a boating season.

1) Inspect the operating systems

These include the hull and propellers. Check for cracks or holes so you can get these fixed to avoid potential leaks while on the water. Make sure the propeller is properly secured and does not have pitting or cracks. These may cause vibrations during operating the boat and cause damage to seals and bearings.

2) Check the fuel and electrical systems

Inspect fuel hoses, connections and ventilations systems to ensure they are working properly. Check electrical connections for any corrosion and test the battery. Replace any belts or cables that are brittle and check fuel levels for engine oil, power steering and coolant.

3) Repair cracks, tears or scratches

Repair all upholstery, wood or plastic surfaces. Make sure seats, safety padding and dashboards don’t have cuts or nicks. A small tear can harbor mold or other germs and can cause cuts or scrapes to passengers. Repairing or replacing damaged fixtures and seating areas can improve the safety and value of the boat.

4) Review safety precautions

Before you put the boat in the water, always do a complete safety check. Remember lifejackets, a first aid kit, and a fire extinguisher. It’s also good to know where the local emergency numbers are located for the area you are boating.

Extending the Life of Your Investments

Following these simple steps can help make the boating season a lot more enjoyable for you and your passengers. There are other benefits too. Keeping the investment safe and in good shape allows for fewer short-term hassles and offers long-term benefits like increasing the lifetime value of your watercraft.

In addition to making the watercraft look nice and keeping them safe, following these maintenance guidelines can extend the life of your investments. Protecting your property and providing routine maintenance services from sun damage, stains, cuts and tears can keep the cost of major repairs to a minimum and can extend the life of your investment. Applying UV protectant regularly will help prevent sun damage. Scheduling an annual maintenance appointment for seat and vinyl repairs can also ensure the boat is as ready for the water as you are.

Call Surface Repair Services at (515) 276-5453 to schedule an appointment today to get your boats ready for the water. We specialize in boats, yachts, pontoons, jet skis and marine crafts of all types. We’ll come to you. We service upholstery to repair rips and tears. We offer full replacement services on vinyl seating and can replace wood or plastic trim and dashes.