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Restaurant Furniture Repair: Improve the Customer Experience

Restaurant Furniture Repair: Improve the Customer Experience

You Can Only Make One First Impression

The first thing customers notice when they walk in your front door is the cleanliness and quality of your restaurant. Any ripped and worn-out seating, booths, barstools or chairs do not go unnoticed, no matter how good the product you offer is. If your restaurant has worn out seating, our restaurant furniture repair service can improve your business’s look and feel instantly. No one enjoys sitting on old, ripped and stained seats. The customer’s first impression will set the tone of your business’s, so it’s important to make it a good first impression.

The Importance of Your Customer

Customers are one of the biggest advertising avenues that businesses such as cafes and restaurants can take advantage of. Word of mouth goes a long way and has a huge impact on how people view your business. Along with the quality of food, customer service, and price, aesthetics have a great impact on whether someone will return to your business. If your seating and booths are outdated or in poor condition, our reupholster experts can help!

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Create a Memorable Dining Experience

It’s no secret that you want to leave your customers with a dining experience they won’t forget (for all the right reasons.) Rips, tears and stains can take away from this overall experience and put a bad taste in your customer’s mouth. Unfortunately, you can’t prevent these things from happening, but you can help extend the life of your seating with these tips.

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Surface Repair Service Can Help

Although regular furniture cleaning and maintenance can help, it won’t make your furniture last forever. When your seating does start to show signs of use, you don’t have to buy expensive, new furniture. Surface Repair Service can completely transform the furniture you already have and make it like new. You can get the luxury look and feel of new seating, without the price tag. With our repair services, the options are endless. Upgrade your existing furniture’s surface to a new, stylish material or color.

If you are in the market to upgrade your existing restaurant seating and furniture, our experienced technicians are there for you. Surface Repair Service can help with restaurant booth repair and replacement, spring and cushion repair, banquet and dining room chair restoration, bar stool reupholstery, and so much more! Contact us today by filling out this form for a free estimate or call our office at 515.276.5453.

The restaurant business has endured a great amount of change over the past year. Like many others, restaurant owners and staff demonstrated tremendous resiliency and developed creative solutions to serve customers through carryout, outdoor dining and other social distancing practices.

As restaurants welcome customers back, there are many new protocols to follow from cleaning and seating to service and atmosphere. Here are five tips on how to help increase traffic as things are opening up and getting back to the new normal.

Increase Social Media

Posting once or twice a week may not be enough to let people know your doors are open and you are ready to welcome customers. Think of ways to engage your audience. Post a picture of a new menu item, post appetizer or drink specials, and remember to invite customers to come dine with you.

Expand Happy Hour

The new work-at-home structure has allowed a lot more flexibility in today’s workforce workday. Many are able to start their day early and are ready for lunch by 11:00 a.m. or for an afternoon snack and drink by 4:00 p.m. Depending on your location, happy hour can include specials on appetizers and not just drinks and start as early as 11:00 a.m.

Promote New Menu Items

During the past year, many restaurants had to go to a reduced menu. Customers may have missed their old favorites so adding them back to the menu gives them another reason to visit your establishment. Don’t feel like you need to add them all back at the same time, add them back as you are ready and be sure to have your staff promote these favorites as they get added back to the list.

Keep a Clean and Maintained Facility

This one will remain a top priority as people often associate a well-kept and clean restaurant with the quality of food. If there are tears in seat cushions or cracks in bathroom counters or tabletops, customers have reason to believe the restaurant isn’t interested in safety and cleanliness and they may decide not to return. Keep a cleaning service and a repair service on retainer to manage your budget, and to ensure your customers have an excellent dining experience.

Deliver Service with a Smile

Thank customers for coming back. It’s no doubt this past year has been a challenge, and customers have felt a lot of the pain too. Many restaurants not only thank the customers for being there, but the staff also lets customers know, “We’ve missed you and we’re glad you’re back!”

Surface Repair Service can provide full-service repairs to a single restaurant project or for an entire chain of locations across Iowa. We pride ourselves on quality work to support Iowa’s businesses to offer clean, safe, and well-kept furniture and surfaces. Give us a call at (515) 276-5453 for a free quote and consultation.