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Hotel Surface Repair & Restoration

Hotel Surface Repair & Restoration

The hospitality industry is highly dependent on the comfort one has during their stay. In order to deliver excellence, details matter. Negative impressions can lead to poor reviews, lost business and is hard to regain trust. Keeping up on hotel maintenance will save money in the long run and will leave your guests feeling secure and confident in their stay.

Surfaces we Repair

Our surface experts can assist in many areas of your property. We are able to achieve amazing results while saving you time and money. Some of the main areas we tend to are bathtubs and showers, upholstered furniture, chipped window frames, countertops, and other hard surfaces.

When to Repair

Thankfully, the repair process can be quick and easy with a surface expert. Once you notice some wear or damage we are able to come in and assess. The best time to repair a surface is as soon as the outer layer is compromised. The smallest cracks, chips and rips will soon become big problems. We recommend keeping a log of maintenance items, damages, and areas that will soon need attention so that each visit is as productive as possible.

Benefits of Repairing

Surface repair offers immediate results with minimal inconvenience. When the option to repair is logical, there are less variables to deal with. Usually we are able to come in, assess the damage, do our magic, and leave without having to rip anything out, make a mess, or cause a disturbance. The time it takes a surface expert to do a repair will always be more time effective in some way. With Surface Repair Service on your side, chips, cracks, holes, furniture will look good as new. Guests will be none the wiser.

Ready to Work with Us?

Not only will implementing a repair or replacement routine help to keep your hotel visually appealing and comfortable, but establishing good maintenance practices will also create a safer place for you and all of your guests. If you have surfaces that you think need repaired, reupholstered or replaced, contact us or give us a call at (515) 276-5453 and we will guide you through the process of finding the best solution.

When buying a boat, the main recommendation from the seller is upkeep. Making sure the boat is thoroughly cleaned and maintenance on both the inside and outside. One part of maintenance is seating. When the boat’s seating begins to rip, it is the owner’s job to repair it. With the understanding of boat expenses, Surface Repair Service professionally repairs and restores damaged seats at a reasonable cost.

Damages to Seating

Tears in seating is usually caused by usage over time. With people in and out of the boat often, seats will begin to damage. Not to mention sunscreen and other tanning oils can cause stains on the upholstery.

On top of this, boats go through extreme weather conditions- rain, wind, heat, etc. Over time, these weather elements will wear down the seats which results in tearing. As anyone can guess, once tearing begins, it continues to grow until it is repaired.

It is up to boat owners to take action in finding a reliable boat upholstery repair company that brings restoration to the boat seating.

Surface Repair Service Expertise

When booking with Surface Repair Service, not only will we provide maintenance for small rips and tears, but we can also handle repairs in seating rebuilds. With 20 years of experience in the surface repair & refinishing industry, our companies repair service techniques are unmatched to the industry. We ensure our technicians are trained to provide top-notch services and in addition, are educated on different surface repair and refinish services.

Work with Us

Make sure your boat is ready for warmer weather. For more information, contact us online or give us a call at 515. 276.5453.

We would love to work with you and make sure your boat’s interior looks the best.

Gym Equipment Repair

As people get back to their normal routines after the pandemic, fitness centers are seeing an increase in new and returning members who were not able to go to the gym during the pandemic. Although attracting visitors back to the gym is very beneficial, having tattered, worn-out equipment is not. Exercise equipment that is torn, cracked, or ripped tends to have a shorter lifespan, poses health risks, and reduces member satisfaction. 

Extend the Life of Your Equipment

Upkeep is necessary to extend the life of most things, including your gym benches, seats, and equipment. Even the smallest of tears can become massive problems if they aren’t dealt with accordingly. As stated by RunRepeat, 49.9% of Americans visit the gym at least twice a week. There’s no denying it: rips and tears are unavoidable, and that’s why we’re here to help.

Fitness equipment repair is an easy, inexpensive alternative to replacing your equipment. Instead of weight bench pad replacements that can become expensive, get your money’s worth out of the equipment you already own. No matter the type of fitness equipment servicing you need, we will make your items look and feel brand new. Whether it’s an exercise bike repair, seat repair, or weight bench repair, we can restore and upholster it all… and much more!

Health Risks

Not only are tears and cracks unattractive, but they can also pose a health risk to your customers. In addition to being professional and appealing, proper upkeep is also an effective way to reduce the risk of infections and viruses. Unfortunately, an issue that all gyms deal with is bacteria, especially bacteria found hiding in the rips and tears of damaged equipment.  Fixing your damaged material with our upholstery repair service can eliminate this issue.

Improve Member Satisfaction

For most companies, member satisfaction is a top priority. If your workout equipment is cracked and torn, it can give the wrong impression to your members.  By repairing equipment in poor condition, we can help you recreate that environment where your members feel safe, welcome, and satisfied. 

Our job is to heal even the tiniest cracks, so they don’t develop into anything more serious. Upkeep and repairs are especially important to ensure that all equipment lasts longer and performs correctly. Because our technicians are fully trained and equipped to handle exercise equipment repair on-site, you can rest assured that your machines and equipment will be back and fully operating in no time.

Contact Us

If you’ve invested in a gym, regular repair and maintenance will help you and your customers get the most out of your equipment. Give Surface Repair Services a call today at (515) 276-5453 to meet all your fitness parts repair needs.

The restaurant business has endured a great amount of change over the past year. Like many others, restaurant owners and staff demonstrated tremendous resiliency and developed creative solutions to serve customers through carryout, outdoor dining and other social distancing practices.

As restaurants welcome customers back, there are many new protocols to follow from cleaning and seating to service and atmosphere. Here are five tips on how to help increase traffic as things are opening up and getting back to the new normal.

Increase Social Media

Posting once or twice a week may not be enough to let people know your doors are open and you are ready to welcome customers. Think of ways to engage your audience. Post a picture of a new menu item, post appetizer or drink specials, and remember to invite customers to come dine with you.

Expand Happy Hour

The new work-at-home structure has allowed a lot more flexibility in today’s workforce workday. Many are able to start their day early and are ready for lunch by 11:00 a.m. or for an afternoon snack and drink by 4:00 p.m. Depending on your location, happy hour can include specials on appetizers and not just drinks and start as early as 11:00 a.m.

Promote New Menu Items

During the past year, many restaurants had to go to a reduced menu. Customers may have missed their old favorites so adding them back to the menu gives them another reason to visit your establishment. Don’t feel like you need to add them all back at the same time, add them back as you are ready and be sure to have your staff promote these favorites as they get added back to the list.

Keep a Clean and Maintained Facility

This one will remain a top priority as people often associate a well-kept and clean restaurant with the quality of food. If there are tears in seat cushions or cracks in bathroom counters or tabletops, customers have reason to believe the restaurant isn’t interested in safety and cleanliness and they may decide not to return. Keep a cleaning service and a repair service on retainer to manage your budget, and to ensure your customers have an excellent dining experience.

Deliver Service with a Smile

Thank customers for coming back. It’s no doubt this past year has been a challenge, and customers have felt a lot of the pain too. Many restaurants not only thank the customers for being there, but the staff also lets customers know, “We’ve missed you and we’re glad you’re back!”

Surface Repair Service can provide full-service repairs to a single restaurant project or for an entire chain of locations across Iowa. We pride ourselves on quality work to support Iowa’s businesses to offer clean, safe, and well-kept furniture and surfaces. Give us a call at (515) 276-5453 for a free quote and consultation.

Eventually, even your favorite piece of furniture will start to show its age. When this time comes you generally have 3 options: repair, replace or live with the imperfections. There are many factors that contribute to this decision and it can be very difficult to weigh the pros and cons. Here are some things to consider when deciding if it’s time to let beloved furniture go or to bring it back to life with reupholstery.

Damage & Age

If the damage is extensive it can be more costly to reupholster than to replace it altogether. It will be a more affordable upholstery project if some parts of the item are still structurally sound. The frame, springs and padding of a piece of furniture can really affect the end product depending on what shape they are in. Another major factor is the age of the furniture. A sturdy item that has lasted for years is a great candidate for an upholstery face-lift because you know it is well made and worth the investment.


Good reupholstering takes a skilled professional and a lot of time. If you are curious about getting a piece repaired, it is a good idea to do your research. Many variables go into the pricing of an upholstery repair job. Before getting an estimate, know roughly how much you would be spending on a replacement item. Having that to compare will help you determine how much you are comfortable with spending to fix something you already have.

Sentimental Value

Antique or unique furniture that you have fallen in love with is very difficult to find exact replacements for. Often these types of pieces have interesting shapes and styles that you do not come across in newer furniture. Reupholstering makes sense if your item fits your space perfectly or means something to you.

Reupholstery prices range widely, but it can be a great, eco-friendly and inexpensive way to keep some of your favorite furniture in the family.