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Bathtub Crack Repairs – Why You Shouldn’t Wait

Bathtub Crack Repairs – Why You Shouldn’t Wait

Why Do Bathtubs Crack?

When purchasing a home, apartment, or hotel building, rarely (if ever) do you think about possible bathtub cracks, chips, and holes. Although it is not often top of mind, bathtub cracks happen for several reasons and bathtub crack repairs should happen as soon as you notice any damage.

The main cause of bathtub damage is a mixture of how long ago a tub was installed and the amount of weight a tub is supporting. Another reason your tub can crack is if large items are repeatedly dropped onto your tub. Knocking over heavy shampoo bottles, a child playing a little too rough with toys in the bathtub, or even your dog continuously scratching up the bottom of your tub during bath time can lead to bathtub damage and cracks. Lastly, a lack of support underneath your bathtub can be the culprit to a cracking tub.

Bathtub repair dog bath

Do Minor Cracks Need Repaired?

If you see a minor crack in your shower or tub it is important to get it fixed as soon as possible. It may seem as though it is not a big deal, but if it goes unfixed for too long, cracks cause water to seep below the tub and into the floor. The water will start to make an appearance in the room below if the cracked tub is in an apartment or hotel room. Whether your bathtub or shower floor is made of fiberglass, acrylic or porcelain, a crack should be repaired as soon as you notice it and should not be ignored!

How Surface Repair Service Can Help

At Surface Repair Service, we have your best interest in mind. We understand the pain of needing bathtub or shower repairs, and that is why our team of surface repair experts will come to you and get the job done quickly and efficiently. We specialize in all things that have a surface, so no matter the issue, we can fix it! Contact us for all your bathroom repair needs by calling 515.276.5453 or request a quote here .

The hospitality industry is highly dependent on the comfort one has during their stay. In order to deliver excellence, details matter. Negative impressions can lead to poor reviews, lost business and is hard to regain trust. Keeping up on hotel maintenance will save money in the long run and will leave your guests feeling secure and confident in their stay.

Surfaces we Repair

Our surface experts can assist in many areas of your property. We are able to achieve amazing results while saving you time and money. Some of the main areas we tend to are bathtubs and showers, upholstered furniture, chipped window frames, countertops, and other hard surfaces.

When to Repair

Thankfully, the repair process can be quick and easy with a surface expert. Once you notice some wear or damage we are able to come in and assess. The best time to repair a surface is as soon as the outer layer is compromised. The smallest cracks, chips and rips will soon become big problems. We recommend keeping a log of maintenance items, damages, and areas that will soon need attention so that each visit is as productive as possible.

Benefits of Repairing

Surface repair offers immediate results with minimal inconvenience. When the option to repair is logical, there are less variables to deal with. Usually we are able to come in, assess the damage, do our magic, and leave without having to rip anything out, make a mess, or cause a disturbance. The time it takes a surface expert to do a repair will always be more time effective in some way. With Surface Repair Service on your side, chips, cracks, holes, furniture will look good as new. Guests will be none the wiser.

Ready to Work with Us?

Not only will implementing a repair or replacement routine help to keep your hotel visually appealing and comfortable, but establishing good maintenance practices will also create a safer place for you and all of your guests. If you have surfaces that you think need repaired, reupholstered or replaced, contact us or give us a call at (515) 276-5453 and we will guide you through the process of finding the best solution.

Luxury Feel Without the Price Tag

Over time, renters have heightened their standards of living. It’s no secret everyone wants to get the best service, product, or, in this case, apartment for the lowest price. When looking for a place to call home, tenants evaluate factors like safety, cleanliness, and reliability. With Surface Repair Service, you can live up to your customers’ expectations and high standards. 

We are your one-stop shop for all things needing repaired or reupholstered, and we believe it shouldn’t cost you a fortune to provide the best quality to your customers. Repairing the furniture, surfaces, windows and doors in your apartment building will save you money, allowing more opportunities for your renters to save as well.

Our Services:

Furniture Repair:

Your apartment lobby sees a lot of foot traffic, and even if your business is new, accidents happen. Whether it’s a tear in your lobby accent chairs, a hole in your patio and pool furniture, a rip in your fitness center equipment, or you’re simply just wanting a new look, we have the tools and expertise to bring just about anything back to life!


Bathroom Repair:

Years of use and accidental mishaps can lead to cracks and holes in your bathtub/showers over time. Areas around drain and faucet surfaces can begin to erode, rust and damage, causing even bigger issues if not taken care of. 

Bathroom repair


Kitchen Repair:

The kitchen is typically the area in a home where people spend most of their time. From eating and drinking to conversing with guests, this seems to be the heart of a home. The same is true for apartments, especially ones with less square feet. Wear and tear in kitchens is expected, but that doesn’t mean your tenants need to live with it. Dents in fridges, and dishwashers, laminate countertop burns<, and cracked countertops are all necessary fixes that will elevate the look and feel of any kitchen.  

Tile Floor Repair:

Let’s talk about tile. Tile floors are everywhere. With movers carrying furniture in and out of apartments on what seems like a daily basis, scratches and holes are common. Although common, they are nothing to worry about and, with the right tools, can be an easy fix!

tile repairtile hole


Door and Window Repair:

Doors and windows provide your renters with security and protection from outside elements and should be near the top of the repair list. Although weather conditions are out of our control, the effects of hail, cold temperatures, and harsh winds can create issues for elements such as doors and vinyl windows. Unit door frames, sliding glass doors, and windowsills also take a hit from tenants and from simply aging over time. Surface Repair Service is here for you! We offer services to meet all your door and window repair needs.

door and window repair

Whether your lobby furniture needs reupholstered, or your apartment units need repaired, our experienced technicians will work around your busy schedule to provide top-notch, quality services. Check out some of our past work here