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Commercial Stone Floor Maintenance & Repair

Commercial Stone Floor Maintenance & Repair

Why Stone Flooring?

Stone floors are a durable, low maintenance and attractive flooring option for a commercial space. Processed stones are hard to scratch or stain making the lifespan exceed many other options. They come in a wide array of styles, colors, and textures allowing you to select a color that suits your design style and budget. These stones are naturally sealed, making them a particularly hygienic option for high traffic areas.

Maintenance Tips

Keep Stone Sealed

Depending on the kind of stone used, there are a couple of different ways to seal them so they aren’t susceptible to absorbing dirt, liquid and spills. This helps mitigate staining and is a layer of protection that helps prolong the floors lifespan.

Perform Daily Maintenance

This goes for all flooring, but it is an important practice in order to prevent build up. Stone flooring is one of the best options for a commercial space because daily cleaning means sweeping and the occasional pass with a gentle mop.

Use Neutral Cleaners

Applying a harsh cleaner to stone can leave a film and cause streaking. Over time some cleaners can wear down the polish that is protecting your floor. To prevent this kind of wear, it is best to use a gentle rayon or cotton mop with a quality neutral cleaner or stone soap that is diluted in water.

Keep up with repairs

By keeping up with minor damage, you will be preventing those minor blemishes from becoming bigger, more expensive problems.

Stone Floor Restoration & Repair

Proper care and maintenance can preserve the quality of stone flooring. Normal wear and tear is normal for any flooring option. By taking care of small chips, cracks, or worn spots, you will be able to enjoy this flooring for years to come. Restoration and repair will save you thousands and your natural stone flooring will look as good as ever. Call our surface repair experts before committing to expensive replacements at, 515 276 5453.