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Window and Door Frame Repair: Get Your Building Winter Ready

Window and Door Frame Repair: Get Your Building Winter Ready

Vinyl window and door frame repair services are important to prevent larger problems. Your windows and doors are vulnerable to damage, including cracks and chips due to weather, normal wear and tear, construction mishaps during the building phase, and many other factors. As we know, life happens, and unfortunately typical windows and door frames are not indestructible. You may have put off repairs for some time now, but with the winter temperatures and elements creeping up, now is the time to ensure your business is ready for the winter.

window and door frame repair

Windows: Time to Repair

It’s important to repair any window frames in your building that are cracked, showing their age, or do not open and close properly. Sometimes, windows will even separate at the joints and seams. Failure to act can drive up your heating costs and lead to additional problems with the presence of precipitation and high winds.

window and door frame repair

Door Frames: Time to Repair

Similar to windows, if your door frames have seen better days, they may be in need of a simple repair. After time, door frames weaken due to everyday use and may start to crack. You may think it can wait, but a small crack can turn into a much larger problem.

Repair vs Replace

We often see complete replacements happen for projects that only require a small repair. Let’s dive into the difference between replacements vs repairs. What are the main areas in which repairs and replacements differ?

  • Time- Repairs are typically finished much more quickly than replacements because with replacements, you must factor in ordering new items, shipping time, and removal and replacement of your old and new item.
  • Money- Replacing vinyl windows and doors can cost you thousands of dollars, while repairs are a fraction of replacement costs.

Although repairs are typically a smarter choice, there are times when replacements are the only option, due to the severity and extent of the damage. If you are in need of door and window frame repairs, contact Surface Repair Service today. Our talented team of repair professionals provide the most all-inclusive, reliable repair services in Iowa and would love to work with you!.