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When to Replace vs Repair Your Windows

When to Replace vs Repair Your Windows

Common Types of Window Damage

When it comes to your windows, there are many things that can alter their condition and usability. Whether your windows have cracked glass or vinyl frames, are foggy, leaking, or have several other issues, you have the choice to replace or repair your windows.

Although you might think replacement is the best option, you would be surprised at how much money you could save by repairing your window instead. Often, a complete replacement is not necessary and can be a waste of money depending on the type of damage. How do you know what type of window damage should be repaired vs replaced? We’ll tell you!

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When to Repair Your Windows

  • Cracked or broken window glass
  • Cracked or broken vinyl window frames
  • Stuck window sashes
  • Poor window casing
  • Minor leakages

When to Replace Your Windows

  • Major leakages
  • Foggy glass with condensation
  • Any structural issues or damage

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It’s important to recognize the opportunity for window repair when it arises. Not only will refurbishing your window save you a large amount of money, but it will likely save you time due to material shortages and delayed shipping times. Although not every type of damage can be fixed with a simple repair, a majority of window issues can!

If you are still unsure whether your windows need repairing or replacing, contact our office today! Our experienced technicians will help you determine exactly what the damage is and if you will need a repair or replacement. Now is the time to get those windows fixed before that Iowa winter weather rolls in.

At Surface Repair Service, we work with restaurants, bars, hotels, gyms, athletic facilities, hospitals, clinics, auto dealers and basically anything that has a surface that needs window servicing. If your windows could use some help, contact our office today at 515-276-5453 or request a quote here.