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Vehicle Upholstery Seat Repair

Whether it’s your own personal vehicle or you are in the business of vehicle resale, the appearance of the interior of your car may be just as important as the exterior. Even the smallest rip, burn, or hole in the seat can have a large impact on the vehicle’s resale value. It doesn’t matter if you drive a Honda Civic or a Tesla, you might think about repairing those issues now, before selling or trading in your vehicle. Professional upholstery businesses, such as Surface Repair, can help you to regain that potential lost value with high-quality vehicle upholstery repair services. We are specialists in repairing seat coverings that are fabric, leather or vinyl and we’ll help get them back to their original condition.


Vehicle Upholstery Repair Process

The first step in the upholstery repair process is to assess the extent of the damage. If the damage is large or extends to the seat belt or other safety features in your vehicle, then you might want to call a professional. Keep in mind that although there are lots of quick fixes for repairing tears in your car, chances are you won’t be able to make it look brand new. If the tear is in a highly visible area, it might be worth the small investment to get it professionally repaired. Take a look at what types of fabric are easier to repair than others.

Fabric Upholstery Fixes

Fixing a small hole in a car that has a fabric interior is probably the easiest of materials for the average person to attempt. You will need to find a scrap of fabric that matches your seating to act as a patch. There is a process that involves attaching the patch with an iron-on adhesive that is the easiest and most popular. This is the only repair that we might recommend trying on your own.

Leather Car Seat Repair

Leather is less easily repaired than other fabrics. If dealing with small scratches, you may be able to use a leather conditioner to try and buff them out. If there are bigger issues, you may need a spray lacquer or a repair kit that is designed specifically for your car’s interior. Remember, if you are trying a DIY fix, go slow and don’t overdo it.

Fixing Vinyl Upholstery

If your car’s interior is made of a vinyl material it is possible that you may be able to fix it with a DIY method. There are different repair kits that come with various colors of liquid that can be applied to the hole in your seat. You then use heat to cure and set it. This will take a few hours to complete. Keep in mind that it might not look brand new when complete.


Why Choose Surface Repair for Professional Repair?

Now you know which repairs you can handle on your own and which you should leave to the experts. Overall, if your car’s interior is leather your DIY fix will probably show and might leave the tear looking worse than the original. You will want to take this repair to a professional in order to maximize the return you will get when trading in or selling your vehicle. If your car’s upholstery has more than just a small tear or hole, then it’s definitely a good idea to also consult a professional for repair.

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