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When to Repair or Replace Your Vinyl Windows

When you notice window damage during construction, you may be wondering if it is worth replacing or if you’d be better off having them repaired. With the price of materials as high as they are, replacing windows can make a significant dent in the pocketbook. Not all windows can be easily repaired. In order to save you time and hassle, we hope this article can help you decide if you are in need of replacements or if you can get by and save some money with a good repair instead.

Cracks in the Glass : Repair

If the overall structure of a single pane window is still in good shape but there has been damage caused to the glass it can often times be fixed quite easily. This will be much less expensive than replacing the entire thing and doesn’t take long to do.

Minor Leaking : Repair

When you notice water sneaking into your home around a window, it is often a problem with the window seals or your drainage system. Not necessarily caused by a faulty window. If water is being forced toward your window this can be fixed with alterations to your gutter system.

Cracks or Holes in the Frame : Repair

Keeping up with repairs on a vinyl frame can significantly improve your home’s energy efficiency. Most small cracks and holes are easily repaired and will get the job done while saving you in replacement costs.

Foggy Windows : Replace

When moisture gets into a double-paned window its likely that replacement will be your best option. Most windows are permanently sealed, meaning they cannot be disassembled and repaired. Some companies will drill into the glass and remove the moisture but this is not common and can be more hassle than it’s worth.

We Can Help

Repairs on vinyl windows and door frames are always a sustainable option. Surface Repair Service can repair and refinish your damaged vinyl windows and doors at a fraction of the replacement cost, not only saving you money from replacement cost but also saving you man-hours of removing and installing new ones.